W aste Matters Consultancy is a leading industry expert in all matters waste. Whether it be cost savings, environmental improvements, legislative compliance, stakeholder involvement or capacity building, we have the expertise to direct your organisation on a sustainable path.

Waste Matters Consultancy has over 15 years experience in the waste industry, working with industry, small business and Local Government. We are a highly experienced and professional waste consultancy based in Northern New South Wales. We specialise in waste auditing and assessments, waste management planning, waste strategies, waste and recycling education and waste funding proposals.

With the New South Wales population projected to reach 10 million by 2050, waste management programs need to be implemented to ensure that the best possible resource recovery systems and practices are in place. Waste Matters consultancy implements “Better practice in waste management”, meaning, we always look for ways to improve infrastructure, systems and services to meet your business needs into the future.

Better Practice waste management

Better practice waste management systems are effective and safe. Their design, installation and ongoing management improves efficiency, increases participation in waste management, minimises waste generation, increases resource recovery and reduces contamination of recyclables and organics.

Better practice waste management also enhances the social and environmental reputation of your organisation. The community often expects larger corporations to at least cause no harm to the environment and at best establish better practice systems that improve environmental outcomes.

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